The TV business has a ways to go when it comes to TV Everywhere, said Tricia Lynch, Director of Content Strategy & Acquisition at Verizon, with CNET's senior writer Maggie Reardon interviewing her for Beet.TV.

In Verizon's case, it currently offers programming from HBO, Turner, Viacom, ABC-Disney and others as part of its TV Everywhere service and wants to add more, Lynch said.

She said Verizon is actively working with content providers to add more programming. "It's a licensing arrangement we have with our programming partners and they have traditionally put parameters on what that license entails and we are actively pushing them to expand what that means. Some programmers are more inclined to do that and have the freedom to do that," she said. "The big picture goal is to deliver with your subscription to Fios TV programming wherever you are."

But TV Everywhere, as a whole, gained traction with the news that Disney and Comcast had inked a 10-year carriage agreement that called for distribution across multiple platforms including TV Everywhere authenticated services.

This segment was taped at a two-hour session at the Manhattan offices of Livestream.

Daisy Whitney