As Comcast preps to sell wireless service on behalf of Verizon, that landmark deal is unlikely to affect Verizon's multichannel efforts to compete with Comcast in TV, said Tricia Lynch, Director of Content Strategy & Acquisition at Verizon, with CNET's senior writer Maggie Reardon interviewing her for Beet.TV.

To be sure, the Comcast-Verizon pact that calls for the companies to partner on the mobile front ups the ante, but Lynch emphasized that Verizon FiOS TV service remains an independent product that will be competitive.

Verizon reaches 4 million homes with its multichannel service and the service is available to 18 million customers, Lynch said. "We still have 14 million customers to win for FiOS and that's our focus," she said, adding that her goal is to ensure those customers won't opt for over-the-top services instead of FiOS.

This segment was taped at a two-hour session at the Manhattan offices of Livestream.

Daisy Whitney