By 2015, more than half of households will have a tablet and that’s why it’s so vital to figure out advertising possibilities on these new devices, said Beth Doyle, Innovations Director at VivaKi, during the Beet.TV online video leadership summit in New York last month.

She said VivaKi is studying this new venue to determine how to guide marketers into tablets. is also striving to understand what consumers want on new devices by rolling out HTML5 apps, said Mark Marvel, Senior Director of Video Monetization at, speaking on the same panel. Ad models so far include sponsorships, but that is likely to expand.

Other advertisers and publishers that have done strong work in tablets so far include Pepsi, Dasani and The Daily, said Jill Griffin, SVP, Strategy & Innovation Director at MediaVest.  

Last week, we reported on efforts at the IAB on standardization around advertising on tablets.

Daisy Whitney