has maintained high completion rates for its video ads with the new ASq format compared to before, said Mark Marvel with Beet.TV. already had high completion rates approaching 85% to 90%, so landing close to that with the ad-selector style of ASq, developed by an industry consortium led by VivaKi, is promising, said Marvel, the Senior Director of Video Monetization at the news site.

He added that has been experimenting with longer ads in exchange for longer time periods of watching content without seeing an ad. In addition, the site is considering subscription models on a small scale for podcasts. "It will be a low barrier of entry to the user. If [users] do mind, we will pull it down," he said.

Marvel was a participant in the recent Beet.TV Summit on Video Engagement. We spoke with him before the session.

Today, the news site reported it had 160 million video views in October.

Daisy Whitney