The programming guides on both TVs and over-the-top devices are complicated and challenging to use, but more Web sites will start including guides on their sites that connect to TV screens, predicted Mike Hudack, CEO of blip.TV while speaking at a Beet.TV Online Video Leadership webcast in New York last week.

Many over-the-top devices have small installed bases at the moment, but that may change as other devices like iPads and laptops start "talking" to TVs. In a way, Netflix does that already by letting users queue up shows online for easy instant streaming on TVs and connected devices. Over time, Hudack said, more devices and Web sites will have guide functionality built in, while connected TV sets will be able to detect those devices. "The future of TV browsing will be on iPads and laptops," he said.

Hudack added that blip.TV delivers about 330 million views each month for content on its platform.

This video is a highlight of the August 23 Beet.TV Online Video Leadership webcast. The entire session can be found here.