LOS ANGELES — The Collective started as a traditional talent management shop, but now also develops, produces and distributes content online reaching 300 million views a month, including the new show "Figgle Chat," said Dan Weinstein, manager of The Collective during an interview last week with Beet.TV in Los Angeles.

Today's artists can have direct relationships with fans thanks to social media and that's why the opportunity exists to co-produce shows with YouTube superstars, including the new online talk show "Figgle Chat" with YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank that launched this month, as well as feature-length films, Weinstein said. Weinstein pointed to "Fred The Movie" film that the Collective worked on with Cruikshank that ran on Nickelodeon last year as another example of the type of work the company focuses on.

Weinsten served as a panelist during the AOL-sponsored 90-minute Beet.TV webcast about the state of original Web video entertainment last week.

Daisy Whitney