HOLLYWOOD  — Creators should carefully outline a social media and Web optimization strategy to help grow their video audiences, said Max Benator and Margaret Laney with the talent management studio Collective Digital Studio.

We spoke with them earlier this month at the BigScreen/LittleScreen meet up at the Clicker offices in Hollywood. 

“We are in the hit business,” Benator said, explaining that Collective aims to help top video talent build big audiences. The talent management firm’s clients include The Annoying Orange, FreddieW, Fred and iJustine. A thoughtful and detailed social media strategy that marries Facebook, Twitter, Formsping, Tumblr, as well as YouTube optimization, is key, he said.

But social media content needs to be driven by the creators themselves so it is authentic to the brand, Benator and Laney said. The Collective Digital Studio inked a deal with Blip.tv earlier this summer for distribution of its Web stars’ shows.

Daisy Whitney