LOS ANGELES — Web video producers should launch a show first on their own web site, then use tools to distribute and build up the program on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, said Steve Woolf, VP of content at Blip.tv, during a recent interview with Beet.TV.

A windowing strategy across different Web sites could also be a smart move, but above all, creators need to be consistent in releasing content, he said.

Blip.tv has been building out its site and tools in recent months as an entertainment portal for independent content creators. Some of Blip.tv's popular talent includes Annoying Orange, iJustine, Fred and FreddieW via a deal with The Collective, as well as "Aidan 5," Girl Parts" and "Anyone But Me."

Woolf served as a panelist during the AOL-sponsored a 90-minute Beet.TV webcast about the state of original Web video entertainment last week.

Note to Content Creators: Blip.tv is hosting meet ups at its New York and LA offices tomorrow.   Here are the details.

Daisy Whitney