The calculation around the value of video advertising is based principally on  Gross Rating Point or GRP, meaning the total size of an audience. 

It is a necessary benchmark right now, but is is not an accurate measurement of the impact of the emerging medium, says Jordan Bitterman, SVP of Digitas, in this excerpt from the Beet.TV Leadership Series taped at the AOL Studios in New York.

In the future, GRP will be "inappropriate," says Bitterman and he adds: in digital media, "we are not buying audience, we're buying people."

Questioning Bitterman is session moderator David Kaplan, reporter at paidContent.

Following up on Bitterman's comments is AOL SVP Ran Harnevo, who says GRP is necessary now, but not in the future.

About This Event

This is the first of three Webcasts we are presenting in collaboration with our sponsor AOL Video.  Our next two will be in September with one in New York and one on Los Angeles.  Please check back for many excerpts from this session.

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Andy Plesser