The New York Times' top digital editor Len Apcar says, in this exclusive segment on Beet.TV, that the paper has decided to link to corporate sites as a means to provide an extra dimension to its staff reporting.

Apcar cites a recent article about a Ford recall which included links to the car company's pages. 

HOLD IT: OK, well that was news exactly five years ago, when Beet.TV published its very first blog post.  Apcar's comments came at an event organized by Beet.TV with speakers including Salon's Joan Walsh, the AP's Jim Kennedy, Joe Trippi, MIT's Jason Pontin and Patrick Houston of CNET.

Apcar is no longer the digital editor, having moved to Hong Kong to run the Times' Asian business coverage, he is now in Washington as the paper's economics editor.  This segment was moderated by Kennedy who heads digital products for the AP. 

The tape is crudely edited – but, hey, it was a good start for the purple network.

Five Years and So Much Goodness

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