Dollar for dollar, online video impressions are more impactful than TV ones. That’s the conclusion of research online video network YuMe conducted in partnership with Nielsen and Frank N Magid. YuMe shared the findings during its road show in New York in early February for marketers. Part of that study showed that when advertisers shift some of their TV budget to online video they can achieve more efficient achieve reach and frequency, and potentially expand the exposure of their ads up to six times without spending any more money.

“This is a lean forward medium versus a lean back one,” said Scot McLernon, chief revenue officer of YuMe. “This is a pull medium versus push and performance increases as online video is added to a medium buy. If you have $5 million worth of TV and shift $1 million to online video, then one plus one will equal three.”

Daisy Whitney

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  We have produced and published this video and several others to be posted under contract with YuMe.  We hope you find this series of videos informative.  AP