Advertisers can see a 20% bump in brand recall when they combine online video with a TV buy. Specifically, a consumer packaged goods brand saw brand recall rise to 82% from 62% when online video was added to a TV media buy, said Travis Hockersmith, director of market analytics at online video network YuMe. The company presented the research it conducted on cross-platform advertising effectiveness with Nielsen at the YuMe Road Show in New York recently.

YuMe worked with the unnamed CPG food brand during the study and learned that incremental reach rose and cost effectiveness improved when a portion of a TV budget was reassigned to online video. That’s because brands can reach viewers they aren’t finding on TV and because online video viewers, in general, are more likely to be more engaged with an ad and less likely to fast forward it.

“You will see the same lift for like-ability, purchase intent,” Hockersmith added. “[Brands] need to reach their audiences four, five, six times or they might as well not be advertising. So with a cross-platform approach, we can increase the number of times people see the ads and increase the amount of exposure [to a new audience],” he said.

The research looked at reallocating 5%, 10% and 15% of a TV budget to online video and found that at all reallocation levels, the brand could increase frequency and exposure significantly while lowering costs.

Daisy Whitney

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