With the death this of longtime John F. Kennedy adviser Theordore C. Sorensen, the New York Times published a long obituary accompanies by a 27-minute video documentary on Sunday.

Times reporter Tim Weiner interviewed Sorensen in 2007.  His voice can be heard off camera. The obit is part of a series of segments with prominent individuals called “Last Word.” 

We have embedded the video below.

The Times obit department has produced 35video obits and has published seven.  The first was of humorist Art Buchwald, published upon his death in 2007.  Others published by the Times are of Les Paul, Dith Pran, Budd Schulberg, Odetta and Stewart Mott. 

Yesterday, we sat down with Ann Derry, Editorial Director of Video and Television at the New York Times.  She explains the value these videos bring to the popular news site.  She said the Sorenson video was quite popular and generated footage requests from television news operations. 

Andy Plesser