Following ABC's lead, Fox and NBC are also upping the ad load in their online shows, and that's because most advertisers aren't willing to pay a huge premium for online video ads. 

Savvy clients understand the value of the premium attached to most video ads, but most advertisers aren't willing to pay more than a "slight premium," said Adam Shlacter, managing partner, digital investment, MEC.

We interviewed him at our recent online video roundtable in New York. In addition to pricing, he also talked about the importance of understanding how people interact and consume videos across venues.

He said metrics need an overhaul so that advertisers can understand how individuals are consuming the Web, TV, and other mediums holistically. "It's not an online user versus a TV user," he said. "They are the same person. We don't have one common metric to reach them…and we need to understand total duplication, total frequency, total reach."

Shlacter was appointed to his current post at MEC just last month and has spent 12 years in digital media.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer


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