Ooyala, the two-year old online video services company, is putting a big effort around its live streaming platform.  It will get considerable  exposure with the live streaming of the Grammy Awards pre-show, the "red carpet" and back stage activity.

Ooyala is also streaming Grammy videos on demand.

Earlier this week, the platform was used by Britain's Telegraph newspaper to stream the live testimony of former Prime Minister Tony Blair for Britain's Iraq inquest. Here are highlights available on demand.

Launched by ex-Googlers, the Mountain View-based company raised an additional $10 million in funding last year for its global expansion.

The company is primarily using Akamai for its CDN services. 

Late last year, we were in Mountain View to speak with co-founder Bismarck Lepe about the company.  We are republishing our interview today.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer