Interactive pre-roll ads are four times better in engaging consumers than standard pre-rolls do, video ad network ScanScout told Beet.TV, citing the success from a recent Vaseline campaign run across its network.

The Vaseline campaign generated more engagement than typical pre-roll ads because of the interactive features, said Bill Day, CEO of the Boston-based ScanScout.

ScanScout ran a campaign with a new lotion brand from Unilever's Vaseline this fall using what it calls a "Super Pre-Roll Unit." That's a normal pre-roll with interactive features like polls built on top of the ad. For Vaseline, users could vote on their favorite features of the lotion. With Super pre-rolls, viewers can also link to coupons and more information on a product. 

Because of the multiple interaction points, ScanScout is able to provide additional engagement data across the ad unit. "All our work shows users want to engage. It brings the pre-roll to life in a way you don't see," Day said.

Scanscout's network includes more than 1,000 premium and niche sites. 

Today, the company announced a number of new publishing partners, including Warner Brothers.

In October, the company raised an additional $8.5 million in venture funding.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer