Video teleconferencing, long an expensive technology, hidden inside the enterprise firewall, is becoming a pervasive social media platform.

New York-based Paltalk, a provider a live conferencing platform, allows up to 10 participants to be live on a user's page. The company claims 4 million active users around the world and says that an average of 100,000 users are online at any given time.

There is a free and premium service. The company says that it has 800 business subscription customers who use the technology for business purposes.

Paltalk allows users to embed widgets onto their pages onto blogs and social networks.

We spoke with Paltalk CEO Jason Katz about the company and its emerging market opportunity.

Paltalk Gets Settlement from Microsoft, Buys Back Softbank Investment

In June,  Microsoft settled with Paltalk an undisclosed sum in a patent infringement suit filed against the software giant. In July, the company bought back the investment in its company by Sofbank at a premium, Peter Kafka reported. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer


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