Today, Livestream, a live Web video services provider, announced an integration with Brightcove.  It also announced the availability of its API.

This enables Brightcove customers to use Livestream to present live programming on the their Brightcove player. Very cool development.

While "live" has value for some publishers, we think the greater opportunity for Brightcove customers is to build 24/7, continuous playing channels. This is part of the of the Livestream offering.

Max Haot, founder and CEO is an evangelist for this linear form of programming.  He says that having a continuous show, which repeats, something I refer to as sort of "loop," is extremely effective.  It drives attention and traffic to videos which are not watched in an "on demand" scenario.

I can attest to this.  For our live event at MSNBC in October, we had about 1,000 viewers of the live stream, however on a continuous loop on Livestream we have had nearly 200,000 views.  This is a big number for us.

At the MSNBC event, Max spoke about the value of linear programming on the Web.  (He as identified as CEO of Mogulus, which is the company's former name.)  I have republished the interview today.

Videos in this "continuous" show are not necessarily from live events, but clips put into a "mix."  And, of course, you don't need to be a Brightcove customer to use this–Livestream offers many of its products for free.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer