Interactive agencies and publishers still haven’t cracked the code on standards for the Web video business, but vested parties like EyeWonder
are continuing to push efforts toward this supposed promised land for the emerging ad medium.

The rich media advertising technology firm talked to Beet.TV at the OMMA Video conference in June in New York about how to achieve the necessary scale and standards in the online video industry.

“We need a scaleable format,” said Kory Burke, senior manager business development at Eyewonder. “Right now there are several players. They are all built differently and in different sizes which makes it tough to build creative.”

Indeed, advertisers have been vocal that creative is one of the biggest challenges in achieving scale because they're hampered now by having to develop individual ads for every Web publisher under the sun.

EyeWonder’s Universal In-Stream Framework, introduced last year, is an open standards platform that lets publishers deliver “in-stream ads” from EyeWonder and other ad technology providers. These type of offerings can help the industry in its quest towards standards. But for standards to work they need to be adopted by many. The need for standards and scale was echoed by many industry experts at last week's conference, including executives from Kraft and Google.

EyeWonder is working with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which has been developing a set of standards and best practices for online video.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer