Neda.image The horrifying of the death of a young woman shot during protests in Tehran was uploaded to YouTube, sent to CNN and the BBC, and posted to Facebook by a young Iranian asylum seeker living in Holland. 

The gripping story of how he got the video from a friend in Tehran, verified and distributed it, has been reported the Guardian Newspaper. 

A 5-minute phone interview by Matthew Weaver with the citizen video producer who is known as Hamed, is on this Guardian post — you need to scroll down to 2:45PM to find the entry, then click on the audio program. 

Since last week, YouTube as been virtually shut down in Iran.  The video was sent to Hamed in the Netherlands via e-mail where he uploaded it, he tells Weaver.

The video is having a profound impact around the world and in Iran, as CNN is reporting.

Thanks to The New York Times "The Lede" blog for the tip about the Guardian interview with Hamed.

More on this historic video by my colleague Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer