YouTube will live stream its first news event, tomorrow's (4/29) prime time press conference by President Obama at 8:00 pm ET on the White House YouTube channel, we have learned.

The White House had asked YouTube to integrate its live feed from the White House site to be embedded onto its YouTube channel, a spokesperson told Beet.TV late today.

In turn, theYouTube stream can watched on YouTube or embedded by others.  Correction:  YouTube is not providing an embed code. It is provided on the White House site. (I have cut and pasted it below.)

The video hosting and streaming is being done by the White House and its service providers. Published reports say that Akamai hosts the live streaming for the White House. We have been unable to reach Akamai for comment.

YouTube is not launching a major live news initiative.  A spokesperson told me that live events will be streamed when ocassions arise. The last two events were YouTube Live, a concert in San Francisco and March Madness, the U.S. college basketball tournament.

Obama Live All Over the Web Wednesday Night will a live webcast with Katie Couric of the press conference along with video submissions of public video comments on Obama's first 100 days via YouTube.

The New York Times will stream the news conference live on its home page.

Other places to catch the live stream will be, and many others.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Here is the embed code for the press conference provided by The White House

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