Today we launched BeetMedicine.TV, a new videoblog about women's health. 

The show offers viewers the opportunity to learn about medicine through a series of unique interviews with prominent physicians from the nation’s leading medical institutions and private practices.

Earlier this month we were in San Francisco at UCSF to interview Alison Jacoby, MD about her use of a robotic device to remove uterine fibroids.  Here's the post on BeetMedicine — and I've published the video here.

About The New Show

Unrehearsed, intimate and candid, the program explores the causes and treatment for many health issues. The principal focus is on women’s health, with extensive coverage of breast and ovarian cancers as well cardiovascular disease, aging, stress and eating disorders. The program presents both existing therapies and new emerging technologies and treatments.

For those of you familiar with Beet.TV, the format and presentation is similar.  However, we have upgraded to an HD camera and present videos in 16X9, shoebox size.

Although I will do some of the text blogging, I'm leaving much of that to my colleague Peter Pressman, MD, a noted surgeon and author who serves as medical director for the series.

We will be adding two or three new videos a week.  We are delighted to launch with J&J as our sponsor.  You will see a brief pre-roll message followed by a video post-roll.   Thanks to our friends at for bringing us this sponsorship opportunity and for being our primary video publishing platform. 

Special thanks to David Kavanaugh, our incredibly gifted videographer/editor, to Eric Bross, our designer, and to Bob Salpeter, who created the new logo.

Some of you might wonder what does medicine have to do with digital media?  For me, it is an exciting expansion of video blogging into a new category, which is one of the fastest growing.

As for good old Beet.TV, we will continue to present several new videos a week with the folks you need to meet.

Thanks for checking out the new site, and let us know what you think.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Producer's Note:  We just launched and are tweaking things, so be patient with our RSS feed, etc.  Should be fixed up by the weekend.  Andy

Update:  Nice story on the launch by Mediabistro's Webnewser – thanks Chris!