Tumblr is the fast-growing, multimedia micro-blogging platform which has gotten lots of  attention from the downtown hipsters and big users including the Presidential Inauguration Committee.  The New York start-up is  is reading a subscription service, founder David Karp, 22, told The Deal's Mary Kathleen Flynn in this interview published last night.

Karp says (at 2:45) that the basic services will continue to be free, but he says they are working on subscriptions involving monthly fees.  He also says that as the company grows it will provide  Web services to big enterprises.  He was not specific nor did he offer a time line.  With a new venture round of $4.5 million, we should see monetization schemes emerging this year.

We have been pleased to see so many folks "Tumblr" Beet.TV posts.  It has driven some good traffic.  You can find a bunch of our clips surface on this page.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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