The new HD camcorders are inexpensive, easy to use and provide lots of storage, but they can be a big hassle to edit and convert files for the Web.

The file formats for the Sony, Panasonic, Canon and other cameras come with proprietary software which makes it hard to edit and covert to to a usable file for sharing on the Web. The most common new format is AVCHD.  And once you convert the files, they are often compressed and don't look as good as the original footage.

Chris O'Brien, chairman of Motionbox, says that his company has developed a technology to provide users with a way to directly upload the native camera file formats directly to the video sharing site.  

The subscription-based company provides private sharing of HD video, so accommodating camera files directly sounds like a big plus to us.

Chris also told us about his company's expanding relationship with AOL — both as the video sharing engine for and for Bebo

Kelsey interviewed Chris last week at the AlwaysOn conference here in Manhattan.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer