Advertising Age’s B2B Media Business has just published the winners of the industry’s best business video sites. We were pleased to read that that The Deal has won the Regular Program, Small B2B category.  We are mighty proud because Beet provides production services for The Deal and has produced many of the segments in the series.

Shooting and editing was easy.  Heavy lifting was done by The Deal’s Mary Kathleen Flynn who did the booking, interviews and reporting.  Mary cut her teeth at MSBNC and is a real pro. Congratulations to you, Mary.  Also special thanks to Beet’s shooter/editor/producer/genius David Kavanaugh who has done such an outstanding job with The Deal and all things Beet.

Other winners include CNET, Forbes and WWD.

Although the purple channel wasn’t mentioned by Media Business, we got a nice shout out from The Deal in this post.

As Beet grows, we are doing more and more custom video production work for organizations including our big documentary project for The New York Times Company.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer