The Washington Post, the newspaper publisher which has lead the industry in integrating online video, has registered a record 1.4 million video views in September, up some 162 percent over last year, according to internal numbers released this morning.

The rise in consumption of video at the Post is part of surging
traffic due in large part to the presidential campaign.  Overall,
traffic to the site is up 42 percent over last year to 323 million page
views, the Post says. 

Video reporting has been expanding in recent months, along with
the the presence of a thumbnail index of videos which went a year ago. 

Coverage of the political conventions have garnered many views as have reporting videos, notably a series by Dana Milbank.  See a segment below

I’ve republished my interview from April 2007 with Jim Brady, Executive Editor of the  Jim talks about the evolution of video at the Post.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer