The technology boom of the late nineties, and its subsequent bust in 2000, led institutions to create exotic financial instruments to duplicate the steep gains enjoyed during the boom, says professor John H. Vogel Jr, a real estate expert at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Earlier this month I sat down with Professor Vogel at the Tuck School
in Hanover, New Hampshire.  He explains how the tech bubble lead to the
housing bubble with mortgage-backed securities, and why the housing bubble burst.   

Yesterday, I interviewed Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor of the
Wall Street Journal, on this very topic.  He also sees the Wall Street
carnage resulting from the pressure from investors seeking to replicate
the big gains during the tech boom times.

We will post our interview with Alan later today.

Update:  Jackson West over at Valleywag offers his take on the Vogel interview.  Here’s what The Deal says about it.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is a public relations client of Plesser Holland.