MySpace will allow users to upload video files of up to 512 MB from the 100 MB limit it has had in place.  It also will allow users to upload files directly from video camera to the site.

Large upload capacity and direct upload via video cameras have been in
place for some time at YouTube.  We’re not sure how much the big files
uploads have been used at YouTube, but it is clear that sharing long
form consumer generated content is on the rise.

Yesterday, comScore came out with video stream numbers.  Although YouTube/Google had 10 times the amount of video streams as MySpace, YouTube beat MySpace in unique viewers by less than a two-to-one margin.

Here’s a statement from MySpace about the new video functionality:

“The new direct upload feature is a great addition to our constantly evolving feature set on MySpaceTV.  The MySpace community is a creative group of individuals who we expect will fully utilize the direct upload with creative shows, commentaries and vlogs,” said Jason Kirk, VP of MySpaceTV. “Whether you are a musician, videoblogger, budding actor or an everyday user just looking for a job and using this tool to post a video resume, MySpaceTV makes it easier than ever before to with ‘Direct Record and Upload’. Look out for more updates and areas on the site where you can use this new tool in the future.”

Here’s the take on the news by Caroline McCarthy over at CNET. Don Reisinger at TechCrunch who wonders if the MySpace move is “too late.”

We’ve reposted an interview I did with Jason at MySpace office in Beverly Hills in July.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer