Diggnation, the popular weekly tech/geek/lifestyle show hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, has landed a big one-year sponsorship with Anheuser-Busch’s Michelob, NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes reported last night. 

The two hosts drink beer during the show, favoring obscure and tasty
microbrews.  Michelob?  Liz says they will be drinking the new micro’s
introduced by the beer giant.

Looks like the commercialization of online video is very much like
the old days, where brands like Lucky Strike, Texaco and Geritol
sponsored entire programs and received in-show promotion. 

I’ve reposted an interview I did with Jim Louderback from last October about Revision3 and its advertising model, including the Diggnation beer club.

— Andy Plesser