The annual New York French film festival got underway in New York last night and we had the extraordinary good fortune to catch up with the great French film director Claude Lelouch, best known for his 1966 Academy Award-winning "A Man and A Woman."  We found a short clip from the film on YouTube and placed it above.

The interview was conducted by my friend and colleague Regina Weinreich, who pens GossipCentral, the very cool insider’s blog about the cultural scene in New York.  David went with her to a small briefing and taped the cinematic legend. He is town for the debut of his new thriller "Roman de Gare."

Lelouch is a visionary "auteur" who writes and directs himself.  He explains the importance of creating and executing a personal vision.  For the legions of filmmakers, from Hollywood to college students with camcorders, he is a source of inspiration and we are thrilled to have him on the purple channel.

We will begin posting segments on Monday.  Special thanks to Regina.  We look forward to having Regina take us on a journey into the creative process of filmmaking.  Thanks again Reg!

— Andy Plesser