Claude Lelouch, the celebrated French film director, who is best known for his 1966 Academy Award-winning/crossover hit "A Man and a Woman," tells Beet.TV he makes films in much the same way "an amateur would" — he writes, shoots and edits it all himself.

For legions of independent film makers, the personal vision and execution of "auteurs" is an inspiration.   

In this segment, Lelouch shares his creative process.  He has little use for the Internet as a means of discovery, preferring to witness life first-hand.  He travels widely by himself with a small tape recorder to tape his thoughts. 

He was in New York on Friday to promote his new thriller "Roman de Gare," which he shot digitally.  The buzz around the film, which opens in April, is very good.   

The voice you hear asking questions is my colleague Regina Weinreich who conducted the interview with David shooting.

Regina is the author of GossipCentral, the hip, insider blog about the culture scene in New York.  She’ll be contributing segments on film and television from time to time to the purple channel. Thanks for making this happen, Regina!

— Andy