As all the presidential candidates embrace online video to reach voters, it is interesting to see who has made a success of this medium. 

In the online video match up between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, in terms of the nubmers of views, Obama is the big winner, by a margin of 11 to 1 on YouTube. 

In a quick check, we have found that the Barack Obama channel on YouTube has had 11 million views, versus just over 1 million for the  Hillary Clinton channel.

In looking at the comparative traffic on Alexa to the campaign sites (below), we find a dramatic lead for Obama campaign in versus the Clinton video page.   

Whether Obama’s online popularity translates to votes, volunteers and donors, we have no clue.  But his campaign is using the medium well: the clips are energetic, not overly scripted and they seem to capture the excitement of the campaign.  The Clinton team has heavily produced segments, some which appear to be television commercials.

Oh, and John Edwards, who is running third in the Demcratic primary, is in third place on YouTube with only 750,000 views

— Andy Plesser