Henry Jenkins, the leading academic thinker on media convergence, is perfectly clear about this point: the consumer is gaining control — and not merely by creating their own home-grown blogs and social networks, but in the emerging influence they exert over traditional media.  It’s an inexorable force, whose implications will have a profound impact over the next decade.

— Andy Plesser

News You Can Use: Check out the article in today’s New York Times about bloggers and Democratic politicians and operatives meeting in Las Vegas.  It’s written by Adam Nagourney.

…and today’s Wall Street Journal (weekend edition) has very interesting look at the challenge that the posting of music clips to online video sites, including YouTube and Google Video, is giving the music industry.  Great piece by WSJ staffers Kevin J. Delaney, Ethan Smith and Nick Wingfield.  (The online article is by subscription only — you can also find the article on page one of today’s paper.)

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