More business people are consuming video as part of their daily business intelligence diet. But I’ve often
wondered if busy execs can sit through long video presentations and streaming
conferences. Will people really have
time to sit and watch video? Is it engaging? What works?

Seeking a smart guy to ask, I went to the heart of
business brainpower, the halls of Forrester Research in Cambridge
, where I chatted with Brian Kardon,
Chief Strategy and Marketing Executive.

has had a lot of experience in streaming video to clients and they’re learning what
works and what doesn’t. Brian says that
concise, 3-5 minute segments are the best length and that annotating video with
related text content really helps (Sounds like Beet.TV’s format!).

Not everyone
agrees that video and business mix: Internet visionary Esther Dyson told me that business people need to
consume information efficiently and text is far more efficient and faster to consume. 

– – Andy Plesser

(Coming Clean: Forrester Resesearch is a former client of Plesser Holland Associates, publisher of Beet.TV)

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Culture Note: We
haven’t seen the new film “War Tapes” but from reading today’s review
in The New York Times, we probably should. Three National Guard troops stationed in Iraq were given digital cameras and created something really interesting, we
read. This could spur some new jargon: S.G.C soldier-generated-content.

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