Accordant Squeezes Between Agencies & SaaS Vendors: CEO Muldoon

CANNES — In the last few years, we have seen a rush of companies scramble to offer services for the programmatic trading of online advertising. Traditional ad agencies have added programmatic services to their offering, even as programmatic ad tech vendors rise up and promise to to disintermediate those agencies. One company now claims to be toeing […]


Don’t Give Up TV’s Broad Reach: AOL’s Ackerman

CANNES — Time was, AOL was just your common or garden dial-up ISP. Now with a booming video empire and as part of the Verizon footprint, it is becoming a player in the converging TV and advertising spaces. That puts Dan Ackerman, AOL’s programmatic TV SVP, who came to AOL via its acquisition of the video ad-tech provider […]


Branding & Performance Are Merging: Light Reaction CEO Walczak

CANNES — They have traditionally been regarded as two distinct places on the marketing “funnel”. But could “branding” and “performance” advertising now be colliding together? Whilst the former tactic aims to switch on consumer interest, the latter sees marketers pay for end results. Now there are so many ad technologies out there, things are changing, says Bob […]


Havas Invests To Simplify Programmatic, Houssaini Says

CANNES — Programmatic has come a long way, and confused a lot of people along the journey. Now it’s time to simplify a technology that is the overriding priority for many a media agency. “Everybody needs to understand it and they need to understand the simplicity of it,” according to Houssein Houssaini, global head of programmatic solutions for […]


New Interbrand Report: What The ‘Breakthrough Brands’ Are Doing Right

Ever heard of brands like Sennit, Glossier, VSCO or mymuesli? Interbrand cites these and dozens of others in its first annual Breakthrough Brands report because its Global CEO says marketers can probably learn something from these relatively young companies. “What we’re looking for is who’s going to be next,” Jez Frampton said in an interview […]


Digital Ads Beginning To Resemble Direct Mail: Merkle’s Delaney

CANNES — In June at Cannes Lions, Merkle, the independent data-driven ad-tech company, announced the launch of its Programmatic Addressable Marketplace, the latest ad targeting product to hit the market. As the company put it at the time, “PAM represents the industry’s first premium programmatic advertising solution that enables deterministic, people-based targeting and measurement across premium […]


FreeWheel’s Council Argues For Four Industry Needs

CANNES — In September, the 30-company advocacy group founded by video ad-tech company FreeWheel will be celebrating its first anniversary. The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video was formed last year to develop a strong and unified position on topics that matter to the premium video ecosystem. FreeWheel’s Agency and Brand Relations VP James Rothwell says the Council is focusing on four […]


Marketing Veteran Bitterman: Advertiser ‘Flight To Safety’ Benefits Facebook And Google

CANNES – Marketing veteran Jordan Bitterman sees a “flight to safety” delivering advertiser dollars to places like Facebook and Google as marketers try to avoid ad fraud and other problems within the digisphere. He believes this, in turn, could have the longer-term effect of prompting other digital properties to make themselves brand-safe. Bitterman, whose career includes full-service […]


Data-Driven ESPN, NBCU And Turner Were Upfront Standouts: BOA’s Paskalis

CANNES – At the end of this year’s television Upfront presentations, Lou Paskalis sensed a “digital divide” between media sellers. He credits ESPN, NBCUniversal and Turner for having making data an integral part their value propositions by virtue of the data pedigrees of their executives. In an interview with Beet.TV, the SVP of Global Communications, […]


The Growing Presence of Legacy Companies at Cannes: MediaLink’s Homonoff

CANNES – Cannes Lions wasn’t always a stop on the annual tour for legacy media companies. But that’s been changing. “Increasingly over time, this is really where the advertising industry, technology industry surrounding advertising brands and media are coming together,” says Howard Homonoff, SVP at MediaLink. Part of their challenge is creating these different types of […]


New Data is Powering TV Advertising: A Beet Leadership Forum on July 26 with DISH Media Sales and Experian Marketing Services

Back in October, US satellite pay-TV company DISH Network launched an advertising exchange to help advertisers buy targeted, individualized ads shown to its eight million addressable households. The ads in question would come from the two minutes per hour of local commercial time in programming DISH enjoys, and would playback in both live and DVR-recorded TV. Most people […]


Is Anyone Taking Responsibility For Dynamic Ad Creative? Flashtalking’s Pamboris Wonders

CANNES — In the emerging world of digital video advertising, now personalized ads can be made, on-the-fly, by assembling disparate scenes from alternate narratives in to a single, audience-specific ad spot. That’s the theory. So who’s responsible for the execution? Truth is, the new practice of dynamic ad creative is still shaking out – and whether it […]


Jivox’s Investment Round To Fuel Tech And Globalization

CANNES — During its nine years as a digital marketing platform, Jivox has stayed relatively under the radar during what have been the boom years of the discipline. But now the company, whose IQ platform is used by clients including Bayer, Bose, Condé Nast, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson, is enjoying another time in the sun, after […]


Tear Down Those Walled Media Gardens: Bough Of Mondelez On Carat Panel

CANNES – Do data and technology that can enhance consumer television and video targeting for advertisers want to be open and uniform, or do they want to reside behind walled gardens? What started as a discussion about programmatic TV ads led to the bigger issue of openness, sharing and uniformity at a Carat-sponsored panel moderated […]


A Fifth Of FreeWheel Ads On Set-Top Box VOD, VP Smith Says

CANNES — Talking about the imperative to deliver and measure ads across platforms is one thing, doing it is another. Digital video ad-tech outfit FreeWheel says it sees a “tipping point” coming after the recent US TV upfronts season saw a range of new formats and techniques debut. But it is already seeing a march from traditional desktop internet […]


The Three Views You’ll Hear About Data, According To Annalect CEO

CANNES — Digital data, and the ability to harness it to better target advertising messages, is one of the greatest transformational forces in marketing. But the zeal with which executives are embracing the transformation reads like a menu of enthusiasm. Slavi Samardzija, global CEO of Annalect, the New York-based data analytics consulting and technology company for marketers, says: […]


“We’re In A Golden Age of Television”: MediaLink’s Spangenberg

CANNES – I think it’s fair to say we’re in a golden age of television,” says Karl Spangenberg, SVP at powerhouse consultancy MediaLink. Beet.TV spoke with him during Cannes Lions. While user-generated content has driven audiences, it’s also created concern on the part of traditional television. But,  Spangenberg says, traditional TV is once again at […]


Plista CEO Bidon Aims To Scale Native Ads Globally

CANNES — After Outbrain, Taboola, ShareThrough and other native advertising technology offerings, comes Plista. That is the German native ad tech company acquired by GroupM two years ago. Since then, the agency’s Xaxis unit has been deploying native ad formats around the world, following recent launches in Russia, China and the US. “Bringing it to the […]


Advertisers Are Thieving From Users, Too: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — Is ad blocking theft? To publishers and advertisers who each depend on ads for income, consumers ripping out those ads can represent a kind of daylight robbery. But the new accusation of “theft” is harsh, and forgets that companies are also robbing from the very users they hope to reach, says one ad tech […]


Clients And Tech Late To Measurement Necessity: Bough, Yaccarino, Jankowski, Ackerman, Ray

CANNES — In the old days of advertising, measuring audience was imprecise, but at least it was straightforward. Nowadays, measuring across media channels, and understanding consumers holistically across each, is a huge challenge. But it’s one that might have been advanced quicker, a panel of marketers discussed during the Cannes Lions festival. “The biggest challenge is […]

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