Daisy Whitney, one of the most astute chroniclers of the online video scene, and an online video celebrity herself, has joined Beet.TV as a regular contributor. Her title is Senior Producer.

Daisy's byline graces TV Week, MediaPost and other outlets.  She has a podcast, titled The Week in Media and video blog titled the New Media Minute.  Oh, and by the way, the Brown University grad writes  non fiction books and consults and has giant following on Twitter.  Whew! Sure glad she has time for Beet.TV!

This segment was taped and edited by Daisy's gifted husband and independent television news producer Jeff Brooks who is also helping Beet.TV producing segments on the West Coast.  I suppose you could say we have a San Francisco bureau now!

It is very exciting to have someone of Daisy's skill, expertise and integrity working with on the show. Welcome Daisy. Wow!

Here's Daisy's post from this morning on Showtime and YouTube.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer and Founder