Rocketboom, the pioneering video blog that led the way for episodic online video programming, has launched its first new show, Pop17 with Sarah Meyers.

Sarah125x948 Although the new show launched in February, an event chronicled by TechCrunch and others, the association with Rocketboom and Andrew Baron has not been previously disclosed.

I spoke with Andrew earlier today.  He explained that working with Sarah is the first step in expanding the Rocketboom business with other programs. 

Although Sarah is not an employee of Rocketboom and retains creative control over her show, Andrew and the clever Rocketboom crew are providing production and distribution services, he explained.   

Sarah is tech savvy and handles shooting, reporting and editing.  She’s been breaking some big stories lately.  Sounds like a great fit for Sarah and Andrew. Congrats!

Earlier this week, she was at the Beet.TV headquarters to shoot this really great piece about the purple channel and me. (I posted it above.)  We talked about how I got started making films as a teenager

Nice camera work Sarah.  Great editing job by Mary Matthews.


— Andy Plesser