Technology Review’s Jason Pontin talks video piracy on CNN Headline News with anchor Renay San Miguel (who is seen in the opening image)

The rapid rise of online video popularity means that the YouTubes and Google Videos will soon have to face the problem of video piracy, or how to control the illegal uploading of copyrighted video material on the Web.

According to Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT’s Technology Review, at least 1/5 of the videos currently on YouTube are guilty of copyright infringement, and companies are searching for ways to put digital fingerprints on their material, and developing programs to find illegally uploaded video content on the Web.

Jason talks about the music industry’s struggle to strike a balance between the ease of sharing content and retaining control and revenue from copyrighted materials in the days of Napster and before iTunes, and the ways it parallels the similar complications online video faces today. He also talks about some of the steps video sharing sites like are taking to prevent copyright infringement.

Technology Review’s Executive Web Editor Wade Roush elaborates on capturing online video pirates in this month’s issue of Tech Review.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean: MIT’s Technology Review is a client of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV

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