TV’s Big Transformation: Building a Sustainable Future

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TV is everywhere and it’s– transitioning into a more complex multi-platform video market, comprising linear and digital, streams and on-demand offerings, available across a growing range of platforms and devices.

For TV programmers, agencies and marketers, these developments create exciting opportunities for growth, innovation and transformation by leveraging the growth of streaming services, connected platforms and advanced advertising products. As the streaming revolution embraces programmatic, it is becoming a more powerful medium.

But for OTT and CTV to truly live up to its potential, publishers, brands, agencies and tech partners need to work together to build the marketplace of the future. What platforms, processes, workflows and standards are required to unlock the full potential of advanced TV?

This content track will explore these topics:

  • Can advertisers achieve audience addressability in CTV environments and how does that compare to linear TV?
  • How to ensure brand safety while driving scale in CTV/OTT environments?
  • What approaches are industry players taking to address a rise in fraud schemes in CTV?
  • What can publishers, brands and agencies do to promote the growth and value of OTT and CTV investments?

Production and Distribution

Video interviews for this content track will be part of a global initiative, in partnership with Beet.TV, GroupM and the 4A’s.

Production is being done remotely, using Zoom. Taping begins May 17 and will conclude on June 11. Videos will be published by Beet. TV, GroupM and the 4A’s on its sites and social channels. The videos will be presented as part of the virtual Global Forum on Responsible Media on June 23.

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