Leap Together: Xandr’s Harms Invites CTV Buyers & Sellers To The Future

CANNES  ̶  It is still troubled by inefficiencies, but connected TV (CTV) advertising is benefitting from a growing number of solutions. Even so, despite the emergence of those solutions, realizing the full benefits is going to rely on buyers and sellers leaning in. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Sarah Warner Harms, […]


Xandr’s New Tool ‘Tears Down Silos’ Of Linear, Addressable: Martin

If the launch of streaming services by TV distributors has created two different kinds of ad inventory and business model, Aaron Martin wants to solve that. Xandr, where Martin is director of product management, forecasting and inventory management, just launched a tool he says will bridge the gap. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Martin […]


In 2021, European CTV Means Cooperation & Clarity: Xandr’s Clayman

LONDON – Connected TV has burgeoned in recent years thanks to new over-the-top TV services and, latterly, stay-at-home viewing growth. Now the new year is set to see it take off even farther. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Daniel Clayman, Xandr VP and MD for Northern Europe, explains what 2021 means for CTV growth in […]


Xandr’s 2021: Third-Phase Unification & Simplification, SVP Hoffert Says

When the universe of choice and features goes on expanding, how do you deliver a powerful service that is simple to use? That is the challenge this year for Xandr, the advertising and analytics division of WarnerMedia, as it ponders the next phase in its product evolution. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Eric Hoffert, […]


Pulling It Together: Xandr’s Hoffert On 2021 TV Goals

If 2017 looked like an early point at which to make a big play into connected TV, 2021 looks like being the year when investment pays off. For some time, CTV was a powerful but challenging opportunity – the promise to target individual households, if only a host of interconnectivity issues could be overcome. But, […]


Piece Together The Jigsaw Of TV Super-Powers: Xandr’s Bruckbauer

As someone who launched a new TV ad-tech platform just as a global pandemic began, Pete Bruckbauer ends 2020 having seen the value in good timing. Now he wants the industry to realize the benefit of alignment. Xandr, where Bruckbauer is senior product manager, launched Invest TV, a platform for TV ad buyers to transact […]


Kirk McDonald: Exhausted by the Turmoil, Positive about Changes Ahead

From his early days at Conde Nast, to the adtech world of PubMatic, to his present senior post at AT&T, he’s “always been alone.”  The feeling has been most acute at industry events, which somehow appear “unfamiliar,”explains Kirk McDonald, Chief Business Officer of AT&T’s Xandr unit.* Fully qualified, he often saw himself as an “imposter” […]


How CTV Is Different In Europe: Xandr’s Soucaret

LONDON – Even more fragmented, but more cooperative – that’s how the connected TV (CTV) advertising landscape looks in Europe compared to the US, according to one man who leads European CTV operators for a major ad-tech supplier. If you thought the US CTV environment was fragmented, the European marketplace – marked by a host […]


Converged Insight Can Offset Viewer Decline: Xandr’s Wetzel

In TV today, it would be easy to have a glass half-full. Linear audiences were in continuing decline and consumers are tiring of excess ad load. That was before the pandemic forced broadcasters to lower ad rates. But those with a glass-half-full outlook see an opportunity – although linear numbers are declining, new opportunities to see, […]


Xandr’s Scott: ‘Creative Is Evolving to Meet the Temperament of the New Viewer’

Consumption is changing for audiences who are now stuck at home, says Xandr’s head of video market development for EMEA Austin Scott. Device usage and the amount of content that people have an appetite for has surged. That has opened an opportunity for streaming companies: We’ve seen the launch of Quibi during quarantine. Netflix is […]


Personalization is Paramount During Pandemic: Xandr’s Jason Brown

The coronavirus pandemic crisis will accelerate the trend in which brands want to speak directly to their customers. That is according to one ad executive who says companies need to be able to find their own audience amongst the newly-inflated base of stay-at-home media consumers. Get personal amid virus “The need for personalization on direct-to-consumer […]


Xandr’s Paley Mulls Life After Cookies

SAN JUAN PR — The looming deprecation of a key technology advertisers have historically used to track and target users has sent the industry in a scurry for a replacement. Google has declared it will phase out all third-party cookies – the tiny, user-side files that store information – from its Chrome browser by 2022. In this video […]


Xandr Goes To Mexico: Paley On LatAm Expansion

SAN JUAN, PR — AT&T’s Xandr digital ad unit is expanding its overseas markets, starting with Latin America. The division includes prior acquisitions like AppNexus and Clypd, making Xandr a key player for helping AT&T TV and video services offer targeted advertising capabilities. Now Allison Paley, Xandr’s director of corporate strategy, wants to take tehat […]


Xandr Goes From ‘Build’ To ‘Accelerate’ In 2020, Wetzel Says

After buying and launching new products and services last year, AT&T’s Xandr ad-tech unit plans to more tightly tie everything together in 2020 The division is focused on facilitating premium video and advanced TV ad sales, and is a combination of a variety of acquisitions and launches. Most recently, Xandr acquired clypd late last year. […]


Viewers Like Ads, But Not Too Often: Xandr Research

ORLANDO — Although the recent boom in subscription video-on-demand may suggest a customer base that is rapidly opting out of ad-supported media, consumers actually enjoy ads – but they don’t want to see them too often. Those are findings from a new report commissioned by AT&T’s ad-tech unit Xandr. Kantar surveyed 2,004 consumers from the […]


It’s About Time: Xandr’s Relevance Examines Consumer Attention

Is “relevance” still… relevant? Over the last few years, advertising “relevance” has, for many ad-tech execs become the holy grail of advertising effectiveness. For AT&T’s Xandr, however, it is more than that. This September 16 to 18 in Santa Barbara, the company hosts its second Relevance Conference. In its first year, 2018, the conference effectively […]


AT&T’s Xandr Adds A+E, AMC & Cheddar To ‘Community’ Ad Marketplace

It is only two months old – but now the new digital marketplace for ad trading that has just been built by AT&T is announcing three new non-AT&T supply partners. “Community”, the platform created by AT&T’s Xandr ad-tech unit, will support buying ads in content owned by A+E Networks, AMC Networks and Cheddar, Xandr announced. […]


Xandr’s Beaumier Aims To Mix Upfront & Real-Time TV Ad Sales

CANNES — In the rapidly-expanding kingdom of AT&T, Xandr, its unit for facilitating advanced TV ad buying, is playing a stronger role. Almost exactly a year after AT&T acquired ad-tech platform AppNexus, it has just rebadged AppNexus’ demand-side platform (DSP) as “Xandr Invest”, and allowed ad buyers to to target viewers using AT&T’s first-party data […]


Inscape’s McAfee: OAR Consortium Offers Flexibility To Scale Addressable TV

CANNES—A direct relationship with owners of television advertising inventory is one of the core premises behind Project OAR, which hopes to develop an open standard for addressable ads on connected TV’s. “As long as there’s someone in the middle, there are levels of complication that just won’t make this work,” says Jodie McAfee, SVP of […]


Xandr: A 12-Month ‘Whirldwind’ Recap From CMO McDonald

CANNES—A year ago at the Cannes Lions, AT&T provided a sneak peak of its future with a tease banner outside the Carlton Hotel that would presage the launch of Xandr, formerly AT&T Advertising & Analytics. “It’s been quite a whirlwind year since Cannes 2018,” says Xandr Chief Marketing Officer Kirk McDonald. What followed was Xandr’s […]

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