The TV Tipping Point: Trade Desk’s Doherty on Programmatic’s Breakthrough Year

Programmatically-traded TV ads are no longer just a theory – eMarketer estimated $21.52 billion out of a $25.09 billion US CTV ad spend were programmatic in at the end of 2023. As ad-founded CTV generally hits new heights, that means programmatic TV is entering a new era. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Will Doherty, VP, […]


Index Exchange’s Doherty ‘Levels-Up’ At The Middle To Reduce Ad Costs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif — After a year in which calls for “transparency” in advertising technology reached “cacophony” on the controversy scale, advertisers understanding of the issues has increased significantly – and their demands are growing in lock-step. That is according to one ad exchange operator which reports a maturation in the questions marketers are asking […]