DoubleVerify CEO Gatinella On The Growth Of Brand Safety Measurement

As more brands buying ads programmatically have found their ads appearing against unappealing and unintended content, the problem has given rise to yet more technology solutions. Ad measurement firms like Moat, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify now offer products rating the quality of the environments in which brands’ ads are served. For Wayne Gatinella, CEO […]


DoubleVerify’s Gattinella Has Fake News Sites In His Sights

CANNES — Depending on who you talk to, two-bit news sites that play fast and loose with the truth swung last year’s US presidential election. But they also swung advertisers’ ire toward ad-tech platforms that, for a time, seemed unable to stop brands funding the fakers. That is why Wayne Gattinella introduced a new way to […]


Advertisers Must Be Accountable For Performance: DoubleVerify CEO

Media banker Terence Kawaja recently neatly encapsulated the many technology threats that are making advertisers scream like an Edvard Munch painting. But, with ad fraud, non-human traffic and ad blocking all gathering pace, is it advertisers’ responsibility to front up to the risks? “The brand advertiser, who, in the past, didn’t get very involved in the […]


How Bots “Dress Up And Play Golf” To Defraud Advertisers: DoubleVerify CEO

By now, you might have already heard plenty about “bots” defrauding advertisers. But what are bots and how do they actually work? “Bots are not big server farms, they’re individual computers like your own that have been infected by some malware that was wrongfully downloaded -it might be sitting dormant until the botnet operator decides to […]