Small TV Networks Allow Programmatic Buying By Magna Global Advertisers

The US TV business has moved another step closer to selling its advertising programmatically, with 15 small broadcast networks signing up to allow programmatic buying by clients of IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global investment unit. Its data-driven ad targeting capabilities will be used by small networks whose ratings are not typically captured by measurement agencies, to […]


Converged TV-Digital Buys Can lncrease TV Reach More Than 50%

FORT LAUDERDALE — Layering in digital media into TV buys can lift brand metrics on the TV side, and agencies would be wise to continue to showcase the case studies reflecting that to clients, says Veena Rayapareddi, Vice President Programmatic at Cadreon/Magna Global (IPG) at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat.  “We can show the lift in brand […]