Kara Swisher Gets Video Scoop with Yahoo’s Jerry Yang and Sue Decker

Armed with her Flip phone as usual, Kara Swisher caught up with Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and President Sue Decker on camera at CES today. Jerry's not very happy to see her at first, but he cheers up later in the video when she lets him plug Yahoo's internet-linked Connected TV. When we had Kara […]


New Boxee Patch Jailbreaks Apple TV

Open-source social media center Boxee released a patch yesterday that essentially jailbreaks AppleTV, Brian Chen at Wired’s Gadget Lab reports. The patch makes it possible for users to play any DRM-free multimedia file on AppleTV.


Bombshell from RealNetworks: Rip Save Burn Unlimited Hollywood Movies with $30 Program

SAN DIEGO, CA — Later this morning at DEMO, RealNetworks will introduce a $30 software program which will allow users to save theatrical DVD’s to their PC or detachable drive.  They use the program to save DVD’s to up to five PC’s.


HP Has Big Hopes with Media Smart Connect, Home Wireless Networking Device

Getting digital content from multiple home computers and servers to the television is the goal of HP, Apple, Microsoft and others.  Earlier this summer HP introduced Media Smart Connect, a $349 device which pulls content from various PC’s, Macs and servers via WiFi to a television set.

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