Hearst Digital’s Troy Young On The ‘New Realities’ Of Understanding Consumers, Creating Audiences

PALM SPRINGS, Calif – After acquiring greater scale by purchasing Rodale’s global content business, Hearst still has to compete in an era when “everyone’s a content publisher” and some digital platforms are easier for advertisers to engage with than others. It’s against this backdrop that Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, views the ever-evolving […]


Hearst Digital’s Troy Young On The Evolution Of Video

It has taken two decades of internet evolution, but, little by little, the old web – led by text and static images – is being taken over by a world of video… at least, in the mind of publishers eager for new ways to package up stories, and advertisers keen to find new eyeballs. Few publishers […]


Hearst’s Young Wants More From Facebook’s Platform Power

HOLLYWOOD — Media companies may be seen as giving away their precious content and audiences to social network platforms – but the tension between content and distribution is really as old as the hills. That’s according to a media executive who has seen the evolution of the relationship over the broad sweep of time. “A number […]