Opportunities To Be Found In TV’s Lockdown: Thinkbox’s Hill

The COVID-19 pandemic is bad news for advertising-dependent broadcasters and bad news for brands in certain impacted industries. But, for advertisers whose products go unaffected by lockdown, the current circumstances have conspired to present a cost-effective opportunity. In this video interview from London with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Matt Hill, the research and planning director […]


TV’s Virus Ad Slump Means Bargain Inventory: Thinkbox’s Clay

LONDON via BEETCAM — What happens when the law of supply and demand gets unhinged? A good deal for new advertisers. The coronavirus pandemic has spawned two contradictory business patterns: Supply: TV viewers are booming as consumers are forced to stay at home. Demand: But advertisers are pulling back, fearful of reduced consumer spending or […]