Next Step For Multi-ID Targeting Is Retail Media Networks: Tapad’s Connon

The wind-down of traditional digital ad identifiers like cookies has caused the ad targeting world to splinter. Mark Connon wants to put it back together. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the GM of ad-tech firm Tapad says the new wave of ad identifiers needs a translation layer. Experian taps Tapad Experian in November 2020 acquired Tapad, […]


Tapad’s O’Loughlin Targets Humans Using Diverse Data

LOS ANGELES — Trying to target an individual consumer when people’s breadcrumb trails are scattered across a plethora of devices feels like a headache for many marketers today – but those data trails can be united to piece people back together. Started seven years ago, Tapad was one of the first of what is now a rash […]


Scheppach’s Matter More Media Gains Co-Founder Murtos, Partnership With Tapad

LOS ANGELES – It’s been a busy six months for Matter More Media CEO & Co-Founder Tracey Scheppach. The addressable television specialist formerly of Publicis has a new partner in Co-Founder and Publicis colleague Steve Murtos and a new strategic data partnership with Tapad. Scheppach is particularly excited about new addressable TV operators and the […]


Tapad’s O’Loughlin Shows Ad Effect Across Devices

Across the advertising industry this year, the main challenge seems to be uniting brands’ understanding of how consumers respond to ads across the many different media they now use. One more vendor tackling that problem is Tapad, whose “device graph” model aims to help clients do just that. “We’re working with a (television) manufacturer that has […]


Tapad Raises $18 Million to Expand Licensing and Products

Tapad, a New York-based start-up that allows brands to measure impact of advertising across multiple screens, raised $18 million this month.  With the funding the company is set to expand its licensing business and to launch new products including one to measure ads on linear TV, says Are Traasdahl, CEO and founder in this interview with Beet.TV […]