MediaLink At CES 2017: Immersive Experiences, Sensations and Disruption

Strategic advisory and business development firm MediaLink is heading to CES 2017 to expose its clients—a mix of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue and Wall Street—to “immersion and experiences in terms of sensations in marketing,” according to President and COO Wenda Harris Millard. If that’s not enough, there also will be disruption, the kind that […]


DEMO’S Erick Schonfeld: There is No Shortage of Women for Tech Conferences

Next week, dozens of tech innovators and established leaders will take the stage in Santa Clara  for the annual DEMO conference, which will have 1000 attendees.  Contrary to recent developments which have reinforced the reputation of Silicon Valley as a “young boys club,” about a third of the DEMO speakers will be women and about […]