Time A Key Component Of Video Viewability: IAS’ Knoll

COLOGNE — When the Media Ratings Council decreed a viewability standard for video advertising, many in the industry were thankful that the industry was coming to some sort of consensus Roll forward, however, and it seems people are looking for more. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll  says brands are pushing […]


Bot Or Not? Fraudsters Keep Advertisers On Their Toes, Integral’s Knoll Says

Nefarious publishers that defraud advertisers by using code to artificially play video ads are responding to recent attempts to shut them down using fraud-busting software, according to one ad tech vendor. “People who create bots realize that now advertisers are focused on finding ads that are in-view,” says Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll. “So […]


Ad Fraud From Bots & Fraudulent Traffic Expands

While low-quality inventory has plagued online advertising for some time, fraudulent advertising is relatively new but is growing, says Scott Knoll, CEO of  brand safety technology firm Integral Ad Science, during an interview with Beet.TV. “Video is a big area because it has higher CPMS, but you’re not always getting what you pay for. Fraud […]