TV Identity Can Be Solved Together In Small Spaces: Samsung Ads’ Bui

LONDON, UK — In the connected TV era, avoiding over-exposing viewers to a digitally-delivered ad is going to be all about having an understanding of viewer identity. There are many industry efforts looking at rolling out such an understanding. But Minai Bui, Director, Product Marketing, Europe & APAC, Samsung Ads, fears there may be too […]


Samsung TV Plus Doubles the Number of Active Users in 12 Months, Adds New Programming

LOS ANGELES – Samsung has quietly engineered itself a position as the number-two ad-supported connected TV service on its own TV sets – by mixing a sprinkle of traditional TV norms with a fresh digital approach. Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming TV service, launched in 2018 and now numbers 160+ channels in the US. […]


Group Nine Media Brings Machine Learning To Brand Engagement

Group Nine Media made one of centerpieces of its second Digital Content NewFronts an artificial intelligence offering called GIA, for front-end optimization of advertisers’ campaign creative and distribution. It stands for Group Nine Insights Analyst, which takes “machine learning and artificial intelligence and applies it to how we are able to work with our brands […]


Oath’s NewFronts 2018: Pre-Loaded Galaxy Apps, 10 New AOL And Yahoo Series

Ever since Verizon formed Oath from AOL’s and Yahoo’s digital assets, it’s touted a “mobile-first” approach to engaging with consumers. The latest and perhaps most significant manifestation of that vision is a deal with Samsung that will pre-load Galaxy S9 phones with four apps populated by Oath content. In addition to the Samsung pact, Oath […]


‘Bullish On Data Marketplace,’ Dentsu Aegis Adds IRI To M1 Platform

While there’s no shortage of data available for enhanced consumer targeting, some advertisers still cling to gross rating points and broad demographic targets. “Some clients are opting in a little bit more than others,” says Anthony Laurenzo, SVP, Non-Linear Video, Dentsu Aegis. “We’re starting a slow evolution away from age and gender demography to more […]


Beet Retreat Panel Targets The Cross-Device Conundrum: Sorenson, Simulmedia, TiVo

MIAMI – Finding needles in hidden haystacks just might be the best metaphor for the current state of cross-platform targeting. As was evident during a panel discussion during the recent Retreat 2016, approaches vary by company and are limited to the best data sources until better ones come along. For Sorenson Media, which uses […]